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walkway n : a path set aside for walking; "after the blizzard he shoveled the front walk" [syn: walk, paseo]

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  1. A clearly defined path for pedestrians.


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A walkway is a composite or umbrella term for all formal surfaces supporting walking. This includes sidewalks, trails, paths, stairs, ramps and open paseos or passageways. The walkway is a path for walking that is generally not enclosed. It can be at ground level, or it can be elevated, such as a boardwalk, or a floating dock/trail. It can be a simple constructed path or something more complex to cross a road or a body of water. An open pedestrian overpass or a special tunnel is also an element of a walkway. It can also be used to board and remove passengers from aircraft to the terminal building.

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alameda, beaten path, beaten track, berm, bicycle path, boardwalk, bridle path, catwalk, esplanade, fastwalk, foot pavement, footpath, footway, garden path, groove, hiking trail, mall, parade, path, pathway, prado, promenade, public walk, run, runway, rut, sidewalk, towing path, towpath, track, trail, trottoir, walk
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